Game of Thrones

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As the world tunes in every Sunday to watch GoT (Game of Thrones) I can’t help but find myself mystified by all the action and character advances. Daenerys “Mother of Dragons” is one of the coolest characters the show stars. Outside of Daenerys, Arya Stark is one of the smartest and well rounded characters. Every time I see Theon Greyjoy I’m glad he had his privates chopped off because he is useless. How could you leave your sister to fend for herself after she essentially saved his life?

The next episode on August 20th features the long awaited White Walkers and the Night King. My predictions are either Daenerys and her dragon swoops in to start a camp fire or The Hound sacrifices himself as Hodor has done to save everyone else during an escape.

What are your predictions? Vent


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